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We make UCL’s research physical and life sciences ideas happen.


Discover companies, licensing projects and proof-of-concepts backed by the Fund across Life Sciences and Physical Sciences. (Here listed only the publicly announced investments)


Investment type


  • 0 1 Achilles TX

    Biotech company developing novel cancer immunotherapies

  • 0 2 Apollo Therapeutics Limited

    Biotech company advancing a broad pipeline of potentially transformative therapeutic programs

  • 0 3 ATTR

    Developing small molecule stabilisers to stabilise transthyretin in a rare, progressive disease called ATTR

  • 0 4 Bloomsbury AI

    Acquired company that created natural language processing technology to help machines answer questions.

  • 0 5 Bloomsbury Genetic Therapies

    Biotechnology company developing potentially curative treatments for patients suffering from rare neurological and metabolic diseases

  • 0 6 Bramble Energy

    Fuel cell company on a mission to help the world achieve net zero

  • 0 7 Carbon Re

    Climate tech company using AI solutions to decarbonise cement and steel

  • 0 8 Cell therapy for glaucoma

    Allogeneic stem cell derived therapy for the treatment of glaucoma

  • 0 9 Echopoint

    Medtech company developing, manufacturing and commercialising cardiovascular devices

  • 10 Epsilogen

    Biotech company developing immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies to treat cancer

  • 11 Spur Therapeutics

    Spur Therapeutics (formerly Freeline Therapeutics) is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing life-changing gene therapies for debilitating chronic conditions.

  • 12 Gaussion

    Company inventing and developing fast-charging batteries

  • 13 Glialign

    Cell therapy for peripheral nerve repair

  • 14 GQ Targeting

    Novel drugs for the treatment of pancreatic cancer – partnered with Qualigen Therapeutics

  • 15 Hazy

    AI company aiming to help developers and data scientists share information securely

  • 16 Horizontal Cells Gene Therapy

    Gene therapy targeting novel circuity for degenerative retinal diseases.

  • 17 Humanloop

    AI company creating tools allowing businesses to integrate natural language processing (NLP)

  • 18 Intrinsic Semiconductor Technologies

    Develops a new type of all-silicon non-volatile memory

  • 19 KIT-AR

    Augmented worker platform focused on improving quality and efficiency in production lines

  • 20 MeiraGTx

    Clinical-stage gene therapy company developing treatments for ocular diseases, NASDAQ: MGTX

  • 21 NovalGen

    Clinical-stage company developing autoregulatory bispecific antibody therapies to fight cancer

  • 22 Nozzle.AI

    (Formerly Mediagamma) AI-powered eCommerce and advertising optimisation platform for Amazon

  • 23 Odin Vision

    Company using AI to improve endoscopic procedures for better early detection and diagnosis of cancer

  • 24 OPS-γδ

    Engineered gamma delta (γδ) T cell platform for solid tumours.

  • 25 Orchard Therapeutics

    Ex vivo lentiviral gene therapy company providing curative treatment for devastating inherited diseases, NASDAQ: ORTX

  • 26 Oriole Networks

    UCL spinout using light to train LLMs a hundred times faster with only a fraction of power

  • 27 Pometry

    Software company simplifying graph analytics for businesses

  • 28 Phasecraft

    Quantum computing company developing novel techniques to deliver real-world applications

  • 29 SenyaTx

    Targeting LRG1 as a pathological regulator in a range of vascular diseases

  • 30 Stanhope AI

    AI startup leveraging active inference and the free energy principle to build ‘Agentic AI’ for the real world.

  • 31 Quell Therapeutics

    Developing cell therapy treatments for organ transplant patients and people with auto-immune conditions

  • 32 Third Space Learning

    EdTech platform connecting online maths tutors with pupils

  • 33 Transthyretin stabiliser project

    Small molecule super-stabilisers of transthyretin for disease-modifying therapy in ATTR

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