Orchard Therapeutics’ new life-saving gene therapy to treat MLD | BBC News

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Orchard Therapeutics, originally a UCL spinout and now a NASDQ listed company, has developed a life-saving gene therapy drug now available on the NHS to treat patients affected by MLD, which severely damages the brain and nervous system.

Orchard CEO and co-founder, Bobby Gaspar, has spent many years as a consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital, while carrying out research into potential life saving therapies.

“Bringing a new medicine to the world that can potentially cure these devastating diseases is incredibly rewarding,” he says, adding that it was “a very long journey to develop a medicine like this”.

Bobby Gaspar, CEO Orchard Therapeutics

Doctors who specialise in treating MLD say this therapy is a game-changer.

“This is terrific news for MLD patients in the UK, who finally have access to a lifetime cure from this fatal disease, and which provides tremendous value to the NHS and to society. We’re proud to have been able to support Orchard right from its inception at UCL, along with our partners at UCL Business Ltd.”

Simon Goldman, Investment Director, UCL Technology Fund

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