Quell Therapeutics Expands Series A Financing to $84m

Quell Therapeutics Ltd (“Quell”), a biotechnology company developing engineered T regulatory (Treg) cell therapies, today announced the closing of an extended Series A financing led by their existing investors Syncona Ltd, who have committed an additional $34.7 million and UCL Technology Fund who have committed an additional $1 million; bringing the total Series A financing to circa $84 million.

We are delighted to continue supporting Quell in their world-leading efforts with Treg therapies. The team have made great progress on several challenging fronts over the last year, and we firmly believe that they are at the cutting-edge of this exhilarating field. Quell continues to be a great example of what can be achieved in a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach between several leading institutions.

Tanel Ozdemir, Investor, UCL Technology Fund

The progress made by Quell in bringing together the knowledge and expertise of leading academic immunologists and building around them a strong and experienced team, together providing the capability for the rapid development of transformative Treg therapies targeting chronic medical conditions, is nothing short of impressive, and an illustration of the effective translation of academic research derived innovations from several institutions towards meaningful patient benefit.

Barny Cox, Senior Business Manager, UCL Business

Read the announcement on the Quell Therapeutics website.

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