Vodafone Group partners with Hazy to roll out synthetic data

LONDON, 14 Dec 2022 – Leading global synthetic data firm, Hazy, announced today that it has been successfully collaborating with Vodafone to test the use of synthetic data.

Synthetic data created with Artificial Intelligence (AI) from actual datasets helps companies in executing data science projects through the ability to easily share datasets across countries and teams. It supports corporate data governance, adherence to privacy regulation and quality outcomes in machine learning.

The concept allows companies to digitally generate the data that they need, on demand. The size of the data set and the specifications can be tailored to the use case. This can dramatically increase the speed at which Big Data projects can be completed.

The initial project was carried out as a Proof of Concept (PoC) with Vodafone Group R&D and Vodafone UK and focused on synthetic data for training and testing machine learning models for customer value management.

Read the full story from Hazy.

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